Submission Criteria

The design submissions may be for any type of conceptual building structure and should represent creative, technical, or innovative approaches to solving a specific design challenge or challenges (i.e. environmental, economic, social, logistical). Additionally, all submissions will be judged on how much they contribute to the reduction in time it takes to design and build. The design approach and resolve of the challenge(s) should be clearly identified in a narrative that includes an overview of the role played by the utilization of structural steel in the design to achieve the resolution. If submitting as a team, only one team member is eligible to present at the live Presentation and Critique Session. The cumulative package consisting of a narrative, drawings, and live presentation should be developed to convey evidence of understanding and process of design consideration given to context, structure, aesthetics, and real-world feasibility.

Regarding site selection for the proposed building structures, participants must select an actual and existing site but have the discretion to locate it anywhere in the United States. Existing sites that are currently occupied with existing buildings may also be utilized to introduce the new proposal; however, participants must note this replacement in the narrative. The site must be prominently identified as part of the drawing submittal.

Required Documents (Digital Submissions Only)

1. Narrative:

  • Submit as a PDF on one letter size sheet (8.5”X11”)
  • Narrative is not to exceed 500 words (word count excludes Project Information listed below)
  • To ensure fairness of review, submissions are to be submitted in anonymity. Only the following information is to be included in the submission. Header should be located on top left-hand corner and should include the following Project Information:
      • Name of Project
      • Location of Project
      • Type of Project (i.e. museum, etc)
      • Size of Project (in square feet)
  • File name for Narrative should include the Project Name, underscore, and the word “Narrative” (i.e. Marfa Museum_Narrative)

2. Drawings:

  • Robust submissions are more competitive. Participants are encouraged to produce compelling content that best showcases the design and intent (i.e. perspectives, renderings, interesting sections, 3-Dimensional modeling, photography, plans, elevations, spatial diagrams, stacking diagrams).
  • Submit as a PDF up to three ARCH D Sheet layouts (24”x36”) in full color.
  • Each drawing should include the title of the project only (placement differed to participant)
  • PDF drawings should be saved and submitted at 300 DPI, not to exceed 20 MB each
  • Animations may also supplement drawings and are to be submitted as an accompanying file
  • File name for each drawing and animation should include Project Name, underscore, and descriptor (i.e. Marfa Museum_Drawing 1)