Enter the 2023 Forge Prize

The 2023 Forge Prize is no longer accepting entries. Stay tuned!

The Forge Prize welcomes any conceptual design. All we ask is creative, technical, or other innovative approaches to solving a specific design challenge (i.e. environmental, economic, social, logistical, etc).

Successful Forge Prize submissions should also think outside the box when it comes to designing and building the concept. Consider and demonstrate how structural steel can make the whole process faster.

Your concept may be outside the box, but we want you to ground it in an existing physical context--that is, an actual site. You may locate your design anywhere in the U.S., and your drawings should prominently identify the site. If you choose a site that is already occupied by an existing structure, note the replacement in your narrative.

All practicing U.S.-based designers who are either currently seeking licensure or have been licensed for less than 10 years are eligible for the Forge Prize. This may include designers who are at architecture firms, design-build forms, or A/E firms. Educators are also eligible, provided that they still practice and meet the licensure requirements. If you have questions about your eligibility, please email theforgeprize@aisc.org to discuss your individual circumstances.

Required documents

1. Narrative

This is where you'll explain the challenge you've set yourself and how you propose to solve it. Tell the judges all about your idea--where it came from, why it works, why steel would be a good choice for this design, and how your concept could shorten the time it would take to design and build a structure.

  • Be concise. The narrative shouldn't exceed 500 words.

  • We'll need some basic information listed on the submission. These items will not count toward your word count and should appear in the upper left corner of your document.

    • Name of project

    • Location of project

    • Type of project (i.e., museum, residential, etc.)

    • Size of project (in sq. ft)

  • All entries are judged anonymously to ensure fairness. Do not put your name on your narrative.

  • Upload your narrative as a single-page PDF (standard letter size). The filename should be formatted to include the project name and the word "narrative" (i.e., SmithTower_Narrative).

2. Images:

A picture truly is worth 1,000 words. Show off your design!

  • Robust submissions are more competitive. We encourage you to provide compelling visual content that best illustrates your concept (i.e. perspectives, renderings, interesting sections, 3D modeling, photography, plans, elevations, spatial diagrams, stacking diagrams).

  • You may upload up to five ARCH D Sheet layouts (24”x36”) in full color or animations that supplement your drawings.

  • PDF drawings should be submitted at 300 DPI, not to exceed 20 MB each.

  • The file name for each item you upload should contain the project name, a description, and credit info (i.e., SmithTower_LobbyView_creditJaneSmith).

Submitted photographs and images used for exhibition or publication purposes will bear a credit line, if such information is provided. However, AISC is not responsible for errors or omissions. AISC reserves the right to retain indefinite possession of all materials for reproduction and subsequent exhibition. Submitting an entry constitutes acceptance of this policy by individuals, firms, companies, and project photographers and indicates that they agree to the release of the submitted photographs and images for use by AISC.